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Tazzle, Inc. is a Delaware Corporation with an Asian operations office in Tokyo, Japan and representative offices worldwide. Established in 2009, Tazzle, Inc. makes products that leverage existing technologies in revolutionary ways. Beginning with Bluetooth, the Tazzle IT greatly extends the functionality of your BlackBerry Smartphone and any Windows computer system it links.

The Tazzle Team has developed the ground-breaking Tazzle IT for BlackBerry with Research
In Motion as Alliance Partners since 2006.

Tazzle, Inc. was selected as a finalist by VentureBeat for the MobileBeat 2009 Top Startup Competition in San Francisco, CA.

The company currently has appointed representatives in Africa, Argentina, Mexico,
Australia/New Zealand, Canada, Japan, Europe & The Middle East. The Tazzle IT USB Key is available for purchase online directly from this site, through PC Mall in North America, and will
soon be available from retail outlets across the United States and Canada.

BlackBerry is a registered trademark of Research in Motion, Limited. Bluetooth is a registered trademark of the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG). Windows, XP, Vista, Windows 7, PowerPoint, and .NET are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corp. Tazzle and Tazzle IT are trademarks of Tazzle, Inc. pending USPTO registration and may be pending or registered in other countries. U.S. and international patents pending.
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