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Tazzle, Inc.’s Tazzle IT ™, the fastest and easiest way to view, print and send e-mail message content, attachments, files, and photos from a BlackBerry® smartphone to any PC using Tazzle Desktop Software. This unique hardware and software combination effectively turns the PC into an instant peripheral for a BlackBerry smartphone, allowing direct access to the PC's screen, printing, and storage capabilities, while securing the privacy and data on the smartphone and the PC.


Tazzle IT requires no network access, subscription, or cables; all you need is a PC with a USB port, the Tazzle IT device, and Tazzle IT software. “Tazzle IT eliminates the hassles involved in configuring mobile devices to work with computers, Wi-Fi networks, and corporate firewalls,” said Christopher Savoie, CEO of Tazzle, Inc. “With Tazzle installed, you simply send files directly from your BlackBerry to your PC.”

Tazzle IT’s proprietary hardware and software provides maximum security in any environment. The technology protects against unauthorized access to files from the PC and leaves the data on the BlackBerry smartphone under your control. Because Tazzle IT doesn’t use the PC hard drive and consumes almost no power, you can keep it in your PC or laptop USB port with no worries about overheating or battery consumption.

Tazzle IT is recommended for most newer model BlackBerry smartphones, including the BlackBerry® Bold™, BlackBerry® Curve™ 8900, and BlackBerry® Tour™ smartphones. While Tazzle IT will run on older BlackBerry devices, performance on these devices has not been optimized. The Tazzle IT Desktop Software runs on Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7. Tazzle IT is priced at $79.95


Tazzle, Inc.’s wireless solutions enable corporations and individuals to easily and securely view, print, & share their important data and files from their PDA.

Important Blackberry Phone Accessories

After using Tazzle you will find it to be one of the most important accessories you have for your Blackberry.

Testimonial About Tazzle

When I say it meet all my expectations I was told it would transfer files from my blackberry without plugging it into my computer, it did that without a flaw and was kind of fun to see the stuff on my blackberry pop up on my computer screen. So I can go to a computer in my lab class and use my Tazzle to send only the documents I want to have put on the computer in front of me and not worry about transferring any of my personal info on to the public used pc. Which leads me into the needs I didn't know I had, I use a lot of different computers and the only way I can be able to do work on any one of the units is either A. Network all the pc and pay thousands of dollars to set up a secure server, and pay a lot of money I didn't want to spend, or pay 80 for a Tazzle it was easy for me to make the decision. The product has helped me countless amounts of times because I use my blackberry more then I use a computer, so when I have documents or emails on my blackberry and I don't want to deal with blackberry desktop manager how do I transfer emails individually in order to be more efficient with my time that is where I use the Tazzle. The interface is so easy and efficient that a person who knows nothing about computer like my girlfriend, has no problems using the Tazzle, she takes pictures with my phone and uploads them on to my pc wirelessly with the Tazzle. I do agree that reading about the Tazzle does not give it justice because it is such a unique product that it is something you need to see to believe yet, I can guarantee that if you have a blackberry and a pc then getting the Tazzle with make you blackberry experience so much easier and more efficient I can guarantee it.

Troubleshoot Tazzle

Issue: I can't pair Tazzle IT with my Blackberry; what do I do now?

Solution: Make sure that the Tazzle IT is inserted right-side up in the USB port, and that the Tazzle Desktop Software for PC's listening mode is engaged to "VIEW". If your USB port is sideways, be sure that the gold contact points of the Tazzle are reaching the contact points of the USB port. You'll know that you have it right when you hear a sound after you insert your Tazzle. This means the PC is recognizing a new device. You can easily check your PIN number within the preferences of the Tazzle Desktop Software for PC to be sure you are entering it correctly. Your BlackBerry's Bluetooth should discover the device and accept the PIN number if you are within 30 feet of the PC.

Issue: I can't see or change my Tazzle IT's name and PIN number in the Tazzle Desktop software for PC preferences.

Solution: Restart the Tazzle Desktop software. If that doesn't work, remove and re-insert the Tazzle IT in the PC's USB port. Be sure that it is right-side up.

Issue: My Tazzle is configured properly, but it doesn't seem to connect in order to send files.

Solution: Restart the Tazzle Desktop software. Then set it to "View" and try sending a file again. If that doesn't work, remove and re-insert the Tazzle IT in the PC's USB port (making sure it is right-side up). If that still doesn't work, try re-booting your computer.

Issue: I am unable to print a photo remotely when I tazzle to "Print".

Solution: Currently, photos must be sent to "View", and then printed manually. Windows does not currently support direct printing of photos, probably in order to prevent wasting ink. Is you check the photo first by sending to “View”, you won’t have any regrets about using so much ink for the wrong photo, for example.

Issue: Sending photos and large files takes a long time. What's the problem?

Solution: The speed of transfers can't be changed due to the limitations of the BlackBerry itself. Try changing the camera settings on your BlackBerry's camera to make file sizes smaller. We recommend setting the size to "Small" and the Quality to "Superfine", if you really want to send photos quickly. It's good to experiment to get the right balance of speed and quality.

Issue: When I try to print, the file transfers from my BlackBerry to my PC and then opens, but nothing prints.

Solution: If your file arrives and opens on the PC when Tazzled, but does not print, the first place to check is your PC's control panel in printer settings. Is your currently connected printer set as default? IMPORTANT: Make sure that your default printer's settings are enabled to allow the "Quick Print" feature to work.


Q. How do I get the Tazzle software onto my Blackberry?

A. Just go to the "Download It" page on this website, then enter your BlackBerry's email address and phone number in the spaces provided. When the automated Tazzle reply- message arrives on your BlackBerry's email, simply click on the link to download and install the Tazzle App for BlackBerry.

Q. Does my Tazzle IT use a unique pairing PIN?

A. Yes. You can choose your own PIN number whenever you wish. Tazzle IT carries its unique "portable pairing" on the device, so set your secret PIN number once, and you won't have to set it again, even when using Tazzle IT with other PC's!

Q. Do I need network access, special configuration or a subscription to use my Tazzle IT with a PC?

A. Tazzle IT requires no network access, subscription, or cables; all you need is a PC with a USB port, the Tazzle IT device, and Tazzle IT’s unique software. Tazzle IT eliminates the hassles involved in configuring mobile devices to work with computers, WiFi networks, and corporate firewalls

Q. Isn’t Tazzle IT just another Bluetooth® dongle?

A. No. TazzleT IT is a unique proprietary device and technology that creates an ad-hoc, secure, personal area network between your smartphone and any PC or laptop running Tazzle software. While Tazzle IT does use the Bluetooth chip as the communications layer between the smartphone and the PC, Tazzle IT is a task-specific device and software combination that enables users to immediately view, print, or save the email content, downloaded attachments, files and photos captured on a BlackBerry? Smartphone. Today, Bluetooth is used for short-range communication, typically "pairing" a peripheral to a computing device. Because pairing can be time consuming and fraught with compatibility and security challenges, Bluetooth hasn't been widely used as a personal area network solution for PCs. Furthermore, conventional Bluetooth throughput rates are slow, and so Bluetooth is primarily used for connecting headphones, mouse or keyboards to computers. Tazzle IT is different. Tazzle IT installs within minutes and never has to be "re-paired" each time you use the device, even with other PC's. It's ready to use with any Tazzle-software enabled PC in seconds. The user simply inserts the TazzleTIT into the Tazzle-software enabled PC, selects the "listening mode", and then begins Tazzling! Files arrive and open to view or print automatically in all formats supported by the PC. The Tazzle IT makes a PC into an "on the fly" print server. Tazzle IT turns any PC-connected printer with Tazzle software into a "Bluetooth printer," allowing you to print from your smartphone anywhere you go, with or without a network or cellular signal.

Q. Is Tazzle IT secure?

A. Security is essential for business users. The Tazzle's use of Virtual Com ports make unauthorized pull-access to the computer through the Tazzle device impossible. On a technical level, standard Com ports are not held hostage by the Tazzle, due to the Tazzle's use of a virtual Com port. The Virtual Com Port disappears once the Tazzle Desktop Software is turned off. Tazzle does not utilize or require any standard Bluetooth drivers on the computer. Push-transfers to the PC are not possible without the Tazzle software activated and the receive mode set to View, Print, or Save. TazzleT IT features a built in hardware and software Firewall, protecting your PC from attacks from the outside, from file theft from the smartphone it is connected with, and vice versa. Further, Tazzle IT will send any level of data encryption from the BlackBerry to the PC.

Q. Will Tazzle IT interfere with my other Bluetooth peripherals?

A. Tazzle IT does not interfere with other Bluetooth devices, and works side-by-side with current Bluetooth setups, including bridges, keyboards, mice, and wireless headsets - with NO loss of speed. PC users can continue to use their other standard Bluetooth peripherals, even while the handheld and Tazzle IT are communicating.

Q. What are the common uses of Tazzle IT?

A. There are many uses for Tazzle IT. Here are some typical use cases: Mike's job centers on his BlackBerry and his business laptop. Corporate email is not allowed to be sent to his non-business email address. When he's home, he doesn't want to power up his laptop in order to properly view the attachment he's just received on his BlackBerry if he can simply Tazzle the attachment directly to his home PC for instant printing. He can leave that laptop at work. A single click saves him time by giving him a quick print-out, so that he doesn't have to mail the doc to his email address, open the mail program, find the message, save the attachment, and then worry about deleting it on the server for security. With that one-click he's got his attachment printed out in seconds, and then poof, the file disappears without a trace from his home PC when he closes the Tazzle Desktop software. John is a busy attorney. His partners have forwarded a new brief in PDF format to his BlackBerrry, since laptops are not allowed in court. He needs a hard-copy right away to use in court for a trial. He takes his Tazzle to the clerk's office and is immediately able to print a single copy of this confidential material, which arrives in his hand in less than 10 seconds. He closes the Tazzle Desktop software for PC and not a trace remains. He's back in court in a flash, document in hand. Bruce often travels for business, but he visits friends whenever he can. He wants to show photos he has taken of his family and friends, but the small screen makes viewing difficult. By Tazzling directly to the PC where he is visiting, his friends can gather around the large screen while Bruce selects individual photos to Tazzle, that automatically open up for his friends to see. Then, when the viewing is done, the photos are closed or saved, if desired, and the Tazzle leaves no unwanted traces behind, no photos to delete. Bruce then takes his Tazzle out of the PC's USB port, and he's done.

Q. Is it okay to keep the Tazzle IT in my USB port?

A: Yes, absolutely. The Tazzle IT draws almost no power, so it doesn’t heat up.

Q. Will Tazzle IT run down the battery on my laptop or on my Blackberry?

A: No, the Tazzle IT never accesses the PC’s hard drive and draws almost no power. Using the Tazzle will slightly draw on the BlackBerry’s battery, as Bluetooth must be activated, however this technology has very low power requirements.

Q. Do I need a separate Tazzle IT device for every computer I own?

A: No. Thanks to Tazzle IT’s unique “portable pairing”, you can simply insert your Tazzle IT in any PC running the Tazzle software and start Tazzling immediately, no matter what PC you are using!

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